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Dr Michael Whitworth

Merton College

Oxford OX1 4JD

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. K Bryant

    Hello, just found your entry re jwn Sullivan; could I use excepts from it on my website sometime? my subject was a colleague of Sullivan in WWI and possibly Serbia and after.

  2. Simon Fathers


    Just came across your writings on the Blue Aeroplanes, and it struck me how come no one else has written online in detail about this fabulous band, who if they had been French would have been regarded as national treasures! Have you thought about a book on either the Blue Aeroplanes or on literate rock’n’roll more broadly? It’s a shame so many bands like this are ignored by the mainstream (they are not avant garde!) but also by critics (they have never been ‘en vogue’!)

    Anyway great to find a fellow devotee out there.


    1. michaelwhitworth Post author

      Thanks Simon. Originally the Blue Aeroplanes blogs and the Jazz Butcher ones were for the fun of it, and as a way of saying thanks, and as a way of discovering how to write about songs, with the intent of proposing a book on someone else at a later day. But the possibility of a Blue Aeroplanes book has crossed my mind, and someone else suggested it too; so maybe. Best wishes, Michael


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