#31songs: Thirty-one song challenge, July 2014

I enjoyed #BookadayUK, enjoyed the opportunity to write flexibly and personally, and the discipline of having to do it regularly, but wouldn’t want to do it for another month.  Instead, I’m going to try to write about 31 songs by a favourite songwriter and musician, one a day for a month.  The categories are hopefully flexible enough that I’ll be able to use them again in future for other musicians and bands. I want the account to be more-or-less chronological, so apart from the first and the last categories, I won’t be doing them in this order.

  1. First song you ever heard by them.
Song you sang the wrong lyrics to for ages.
  3. Song that should have been a hit.
  4. Favourite song from least favourite album.
  5. Best cover version.
  6. Best intro to a song.
  7. Best ending to a song.
  8. A song that reminds of you of somewhere.
A song that reminds you of a certain event.
  10. A song that reminds you of a great night out.
  11. A song about other worlds, outer space, dreams.
  12. A song with a number in the title
  13. A song with a name in the title / A song about a famous person.
  14. A song with the day of a week in the title.
  15. Best drums
, or best bass.
  16. Best instrumental solo.
  17. One you want to listen to in the car.
  18. A song about travelling.
  19. A song that makes you feel like you’re in a film.
  20. A song about music / about the creative process.
  21. Best guest appearance on someone else’s work.
  22. A song about the weather
  23. Title alludes to a film.
  24. Song about death / song you’d have played at your funeral.
  25. A political song.
  26. Song you disliked at first but grew to love.
  27. Song you liked at first but liked less over time.
  28. Best closer on an album.
  29. Song you always used to put on a mixtape.
  30. A song that makes you laugh out loud.
  31. If I could choose just one for my desert island disc?

Some of these derive from various thirty-song challenges that have done the rounds on the internet; for others, many thanks to Rachel B., Paul W., and Alex H.


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